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Open letter to David Cameron PM ~ Hardesthit Virtual Resistance

The Right Hon David Cameron [Open Letter]

Re: Bullying and Hate Crime

I was brought up with the understanding that it’s wrong to pick on people. That bullying is vile & unacceptable. Indeed, there have been many public awareness projects in recent years about this issue. Low life scum is what bullies are, after all (apologies to useful algae). Bullying costs lives.

To my knowledge, I’ve been a decent, well educated, law-abiding citizen. I keep myself to myself. Yet for the last few years I have been subjected to a sustained, & somewhat apparently co-ordinated smear campaign of abuse & bullying. Barely a week goes by without incident of one sort or another. I’m called vile names. The threats to me, the lies told about me & those who are like me; the discrimination towards me, being disbelieved & the systematic attempts to destroy what’s left of my life are unbearable.

There appears to be no respite & no course to redress. I really do not know where to turn. These relentless attacks, which I’ve been pre-warned are likely to get much more personal & severe very soon, are having a huge impact on my ability to cope with everyday life. Not exactly what one needs for good health & well-being.

I used to be a proud Tory, which is fine if you are doing ok. But when through no fault of your own you are living in slum housing, practically in the gutter, no matter what your natural political pre-disposition; voting Tory is never going to be an option I could stomach again.

I thought perhaps you would like to know as I’m aware how highly you rate the Happiness & Well-being of your citizens, I can’t wait for the next questionnaire.

Yours sincerely


P.S. It’s probably irrelevant, but I happen to have M.E. I could give you the names of the bullies but I’m frightened of the personal repercussions. The nationwide vilification of people with M.E. on a practical day to day existence level means terrorists under control orders had more freedom & access to basic things like fresh air, sunlight & free association, let alone a bit of exercise on a rare & precious ‘good day'(for me personally it is important to do if I feel able).

If it looks like disability hate crime & feels like disability hate crime & sounds like disability hate crime …..

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