About ME

I have ME/CFS ~yes I look ok but everyday is a struggle~ it’s been a long time since I lost my life to this but when left alone I can manage just about.

The last thing I need is a constant media campaign of hatred. It’s exhausting, it’s a total waste of what energy I have & frankly thanks to the agencies concerned life is frequently not worth the effort.

This is NOT my fault.
Get off my back & off the backs of others with ME/CFS .

We are supposed to have the right to freedom. To enjoy fresh air, sunshine & to associate with friends & family when we feel able.
Government policy results in us becoming more & more alone & isolated even on rare good days because we are sick of having to justify our existence & the existence of ME/CFS as a genuine disabling condition that is extremely variable day to day, hour to hour, person to person.

ME/CFS is so much harder to cope with when we are subjected to stress. And stress is so much harder to deal with when we are tacitly prevented from trying to relax & enjoy life in the few & far between “good days”

One response to “About ME

  1. anon

    Don’t know what your view on ‘self-help’ books is, but these are above the typical fare by a country mile at least:-

    59 seconds/Manage your mind/Mind sculpture

    No new age crystals or chanting or such, required!

    Also, diet often makes an amazing difference for all sorts of mental/physical ills:-



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