doorslamneighbourfromhell log

0220amSatJan21 INTNL
0219amSatJan21(in)stamping upstairs + SLAM
0055amSatJan21(out) Slam
0320amFriJan20 INTNL SLAM
0314amFriJan20(in) Stamp Slam
0059amFriJan20 (out) SLAM saw wdw
2045pmWedJan18 [INTERNAL]LOUDR
2044pmWedJan18(in)sl Slam 71dB
1720pmTueJan17(?) SLAM woken
1644pmMonJan16(out) SLAM woke me up
0032amSunJan15 (out/in/out)
0317amSatJan14[INTERNAL DOORS]
0223amSatJan14 [INTERNAL DOORS)
0205amSatJan14(in) stamp stairs 60+
0105amSatJan14(out) Slam quiet then delib thud
0018amFriJan12(in)? SLAM
2024pmWedJan11(in)sl slam vid 76dB
1743pmWedJan11(out) Slam wdw
0858amWedJan11(out)ft SLAM wdw
2208pmTueJan10(in)? Quiet 63dB
2043pmTueJan10(in)? Slam
1630pmTueJan10(out)ft LOUD
0248amTueJan10(inW) quiet 71dB
0435amSatJan07(out)2wnm Slam 76dB
0348amSatJan07(in)+2 Slam vid edit
Slamming int doors too 70dB.
0100amSatJan07(out)?SLAM wdw
1507pmTueJan03(out)ft SLAM wdw
1801pmMonJan02(out)ft SLAM VID
0844amMonJan02(out)sl SLAM
0820amMonJan02(+out)? SLAM
2303pmSunJan01(in)sl Quiet
2121pmSunJan01(?) Quiet
2111pmSunJan01(out)sl Slam
0322amSunJan01(in)mw quiet pissed
2057pmSatDec31(out)sl SLAM
1420pmSatDec31(out)3men SLAM
0119amSatDec31[internal door slam]
0057amSatDec31[internal door Slam]
0057amSatDec31(in) slam
0017amSatDec31(out)? Slam
2336pmFriDec30(in)? Slam
2329pmFriDec30[internal door slam]
2255pmFriDec30[internal door Slam]
2248pmFriDec30[internal door SLAM]
2122pmFriDec30(in)+mn quiet but SLAMMED internal door.
2057pmFriDec30(out)? SLAM
1802pmFriDec30(in)3 noisy SLam VID
0305amFriDec30(in)ft stamping SLAM
0257amFriDec30(in)slm quiet
0116amFriDec30(out)ft SLAM
2350pmThuDec29(out)slm LOUD SLAM
2324pmThuDec29(in)? Quiet
2213pmThuDec29(in)Sl Slam VID no eff
1939pmThuDec29(out)Sl- L Slam wdw
1748pmThuDec29(in) VL SLAM
1531pmThuDec29(in) Slam
0855amThuDec29(out) Slam
2119pmWedDec28(in) Slam
1759pmWedDec28(in) ? Slam
1754pmWedDec28(in) quiet Vid
1412pmWedDec28(out)VID EVIDENCE #3SLAM then #4 saw wdw.
1407pmTueDec27(out)ft Slam
0008amTueDec27(out)FT Slam
1140amMonDec25(in) quiet
2029pmSunDec25(out) SLAM
2327pmSatDec24(in?) Quietish Vid
1959pmSatDec24(in Slm) DELIB SLAM
WedDec21(in) VID of him calling me fucking bitch
2230pmTueDec20(in) ? Slam
1758pmFriDec16(in)? Slam
0233amFriDec16(in)FT+wmn SLAM vid
0036amFriDec16(in) Slam
2107pmThuDec15(out)sl Slam
1641pmSun(in)??mayb3 SLAM
1545pmSun(out)Ft SLAM
1812pmSunDec4(in)ft SLAM
1337pmSatDec3 (out)ft SLAM
1231pmThuDec1 (out) Slam
2325pmWedNov30(in) SLAM
1818pmWedNov30(?) Slam
2240pmTueNov29(in) Slam
2235pmTueNov29(out) Slam
2244pmSunNov27(in)slm SLAM
2015pmThuNov24(out)slm SLAM
1734pmThuNov24(in)? SLAM vid
0052pmThuNov24(in)Ft Slam
1348pmWedNov23(out)Ft Slam
1900pmTueNov22(?)? Slam
1350pmTueNov22(out)ft SLAM
2121pmThuNov17(in) SLam
2029pmThuNov17(?) slam
1916pmThuNov17(in)? SLAM VLOUD
0012amThuNov17Nov(in)? Slam
0800amMonNov14(out)SLAM v LOUD
2316pmSatNov12(in)? Slam Loud
2302pmSatNov12(out)? Slam loud
2034pmSatNov12(in)? SLAM V LOUD delib.
1938pmSatNov12(out)slm Slam
1902pmSatNov12(out)?red jkt Noisy
1836pmSatNov12(in)? Noisy
1338pmSatNov12(out)FT Noisy
0143amThuNov10(in)? Noisy
2218pmFriNov4(in)whtht quiet vid
2216pmFriNov4(in)? Quiet vid
2017pmFriNov4(in)Ft SLAM vid
1856pmFriNov4(in)slm whtht Quiet vid
2008pmThuNov3(?) SLAM
—CONVO with slm vid abt 1851pm–
1800pmThuNov3(?)2x SLam
?3/4 1431ThNov3(in) VV LOUd flr shake
0105amThuNov3(in)slm (wthat)quiet
2034pmWedNov2(in)ft Slam vid
2017pmWedNov2(out)slm SLAM vid evid
2015pmWedNov2(in)slm Slam vid evid
1805pmWedNov2(in)? Quietish
2258pmTueNov1(in)slm Slam
2029pmTueNov1(out)Slm SLAM
2022pmTueNov1(in)slm SLAM vid(evid)
1717pmTueNov1(out) Slam vid
1715pmTueNov1(in) slam vid
1658pmTueNov1(in) ? VLOUD SLAM deliberate. (Wall floor doors shook)
2224pmMonOct31(in)slm SLAM VID ev
2146pmMonOct31(in)ft v quiet vid evid
2103pmMonOct31(out)? SLAM
2038pmMonOct31(out)slm Slam
1717pmMonOct31(in)? SLAM VID evid
2329pmSunOct30(in)? semi qt
2222pmSunOct30(in)? slam
2007pmSunOct30(out)slm Slam
1703pmSunOct30(in) SLAM
1315pmSunOct30(out)slm SLAM
0211amSunOct30(in)2. Semi qt
0112amSunOct30(out)? Slam
2351pmSatOct29(out)? SLAM
2247pmSatOct29(out)slm Slam
2213pmSatOct29(out)mx SLAM delib (VID evidence)
2057pmSatOct29(in)2men SLAM v
2056pmSatOct29(out)?2 Slam
2055pmSatOct29(out)slm Slam
1948pmSatOct29(in)?? Slam
1847pmSatOct29(in)slm SLAM vid(TTK his gf dad)
1844pmSatOct29(Out)slm Slam vid
1823pmSatOct29(in)+4v Slam VID(evid)
1734pmSatOct29(in)? SLAM vid(evidence)
0034amSatOct29(in)slm slam vid
2004pmFriOct28(out)both Slam
1649pmFriOct28(in)? Slam
0317amFriOct28(in)slm quiet VID(evidence)
2340pmThuOct27(in)? qt then Slam
2009pmThuOct27(out)slmSLAM LOUD
1738pmThuOct27(out)? VLOUD (I rpt)
1728pmThuOct27(in)? V LOUD SLAM
1457pmThuOct27(out)ft SLAM
1412pmThuOct27(out)slm SLAM
2334pmWedOct26(in)slm semi quiet
1821pmWedOct26(out)slm semiquiet(v)
1551pmWedOct26(in)slm SLAM vid (V LOUD DELIB)
1225pmWedOct26(out)ft slam
2350pmTueOct25(in)slm quiet
2154pmTueOct25(in)?slm quiet
2024pmTueOct25(in)ft SLAM vid
1745pmTueOct25(in)slmSlam vid
2223pmMonOct24(in)mFtSLAM vid
2024pmMonOct24(out)slmSLAM vvloud
1455pmMonOct24pass ft street
1100amMonOct24 repeated slamming interior Doors
2347pmSunOct23(in)m slam(vid)
0318amSunOct23(in)mFT SLAM (vid)
0235amSunOct23(in)m slam
2227pmSatOct22(in)mFT slam
1940pmSatOct22(out)mFT SLAM
1845pmSatOct22(in)mVid SLAM
1328pmSatOct22(out)mFT SLAM
2308pmFriOct21(in)m quiet V
2037pmFriOct21(out)skm Slam
1841pmFriOct21(in)m slam
2037pmThuOct20(out)m SLAM
1318pmWed Oct19(out)mw SLAM
2256pmMonOct17(in)m SLAM
2233pmMonOct17(in)mw Slam
2139pmMonOct17(out)SLAM v loud
1926pm MonOct17(in)SLam
1534pm MonOct17(out)Slam
1452pm SunOct16(out)SLAM
0219am SunOct16(in3)SLAM V stamp
1907pm SatOct15(out)f Slam
1905pm SatOct15(in)m Slam
1435pm SatOct15(out)Slam
0204am SatOct15(in)SLAM
0021am SatOct15(in)Slam
2250pm Fri Oct14(in)SLAM rpt
0314am Fri Oct14(in)SLAM mv
0307am Fri Oct14(in)Slam T
2212pm ThuOct13(in)Slam
2113pm ThuOct13(in)SLAM
0014am ThuOct13(in)Slam
2205pm WedOct12(in)SLAM
2223pm Sat Oct8(?)SLAM
2310pm MonOct3(in)Slam
1528pm MonOct3(out)Slam
0838am SunOct2(out)Slam
0042am SunOct2(v out)Slam
2324pm SatOct 1(?) Slam
2313pm SatOct 1(out/in)w SLAM
1731pm SatOct 1(out)Slam
1657pm SatOct 1(SLAM Loud
2233pm Fri sep30(in) SLAM loud
1120am Fri. Sep30(in)SLAM
0938am Fri. Sep30(in)SLAM
0937am Fri. Sep30 (out)SLAM
0133am Fri. Sep30 (in)
0020am ThurSep29(out)Slam SPIT
2225pm wedSep28(in)SLAM wsmk
1343pm wedSep28(out)SLAM vl
1048am wedSep28(out)SLAM
1925pm TueSep27(out)SLAM
1927pm TueSep27(in)SLAM
1631pm SunSep25(in)SLAM
0147am SunSep25(in)
2214pm Fri Sep23(in)SLAM
1235pm Fri Sep 23()SLAM
0200am Fri Sep 23(in)SLAM
2024pm TueSep20(in)SLAM
1211am TueSep20(out)SLAM
0021am SunSep18(in)SLAM
2347pm Sat Sep17(out)SLAM**
2302pm Tue Sep13(in)SLAM
1536pm Tue Sep13( SLAM
1532pm MonSep12(out)SLAM
1812pm SunSep11(in)SLAM delib
0231am SunSep11(in)SLAM/swore at me for asking why so much noise V
0207am SunSep11(in)slam 5 V
2233pm Wed Sep7(in) slam CUNT)
0231am SunAug21(in2)stamp/slam V
1959pm SunAug14(in)slam hard
2336pm Fri. Aug12(in)slam
2336pmTue aug9(in)slam
2124pmSun Aug7(in)slam hard
2323pmFri Aug5
2237pmFri Aug5(in)
0430amFri Aug5(in 2)noise stairs
0422amFri Aug5(out2)slam down
0340amFri Aug5 (in)Vis F knocking loud
0300amFri. Aug5(out)down slam
2318pm Tue Aug2(in)
1328. Tue Aug2(out)
0530am monAug1(out)
1035am monAug1(in)
1205pm MonAug1(out)
0339am sun jul31(in)
2258pm sun jul31(in)
2352pm Satjul30
0102am fri. Jul29(OUT)w
2144pm Thur Jul28(in)
1813pm Wed jul27(in)
earlier slam out
0040am Tue. Jul 26th (in)
2318pm Tue Jul 26(in)
0540am Mon Jul. 25th (out)
2308pm Sat July. 23rd (in)
2311pm Fri. July. 22nd (in)
0315am Fri. July. 22nd (in+1)delib
0258am Fri. July. 22nd (in)(out 2330)
1753pm Thu July. 21st
2113pm Wed July. 20th (in)
1245pm Wed July. 13th(white top b/t)
1712pm Tue July. 12th
2356pm Tue June 28th


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